NA3M is an award-winning transmedia incubator producing and distributing Arab inspired content with global appeal. Welcome to our world, where we are reshaping the global narrative, empowering women and inspiring youth!





Since its inception, NA3M has received 2 major awards from global tech conferences. Tribeca Film Festival awarded Na3m the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award in 2015 and SLUSH awarded Na3m the Audience Award in 2014!

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Our Mission




We are a platform for all who are victims to the one sided narrative. With a mission to unlock Arab creativity, through social innovation, creative training academies and live events, NA3M’s multi-faceted platform collaboratively engages its audience -- from Arab youth to key influencers across edutainment. Producing mobile games, comic books and educational software, NA3M provides a safe and open space for unconventional creative expression.

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NA3M builds strategic partnerships with people, brands, and organizations that share our mission, combining our resources for mutual benefit. Due to the nature of our relationships and commitments locally in the Middle east, we serve as a unique bridge to the community with local understanding, credibility and trust within the market. Click below each logo to learn more of how we are working with each collaborator!

King Hussein Cancer Foundation

Na3m has partnered with the KHCC for a local talent showcase, which will feature highschool students in Jordan and current KHCC out patients!

Participants will display their talents in singing, dancing, instruments, poetry and other arts to express themselves creatively in a non competitive setting. Our theme, “Encouraging Courage,” aims to create a safe and open space for expression with out ridicule.

Laila Ajjawi

Na3m is proud to highlight the work and accomplishments of creative people, organizations and projects globally! Our collaborative platform aims to promote compelling and inspiring stories, which empower women, counter hatred and discrimination, and invoke unconventional creative expression that drives CHANGE.

Meet Laila Ajjawi, a RARE 25 year old Palestinian graffiti artist using her talents to create awareness around the power and potential of women. She stopped by the Na3M office in Amman, Jordan to share her story and bless our walls with her creative genius! See what she had to say about the impact she hopes to make as a female street artist!

See her full interview here!

تفخر شركة نعم بإلقاء الضوء على أعمال وإنجازات المبدعين والمنظمات والمشاريع العالمية، وتهدف منصة نعم التعاونية بتعزيز القصص القوية والملهمة والتي تبين قوة المرأة وامكانياتها، وتصدي الكراهية، والهام التعبير الإبداعي غير التقليدي والذي يدفع التغيير.
التقي بليلى العجاوي، وهي فنانة فلسطينية موهوبة تبلغ من العمر ٢٥ عاماً، و احدا من فنانات الجرافيتي القليلين العدد في العالم العربي. تعبرليلى من خلال رسمها وبطريقة مبدعة عن قوة وامكانيات المرأة في العالم. قامت ليلى بزيارتنا في مكتبنا في عمّان، الاردن، وحكت لنا قصتها ورسمت لنا لوحة فنية غاية في الروعة.

اقرأ في هذه المقالة ما تقوله ليلى عن التأثير التي تأمل ان تجعله كفنانة رسم جرافيتي انثى.

Game Girl Workshop

NA3M collaborates with GGW to mentor the women developers on how to improve their content and commits to teaching skills that will propel them further to pursue careers in technology.

We are also organizing co-branded game workshops and helping GGW to expand across the Middle East region.

Princess Sumaya University

NA3M has had a longstanding partnership with Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT).

One of our leading programmers was a student at PSUT when he started working for us. Additionally, we have had multiple interns, in different fields, come from the university who have contributed to NA3M and our success since NA3M’s founding.

On November 1st, 2014, NA3M and PSUT solidified this relationship by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU has allowed us to easier reach out to students for possible internship and job opportunities, use the university’s facilities when needed, allowed students to come to NA3M’s offices to see what working in the gaming and technology field is like, and also created lecture and guest opportunities for NA3M employees at the university.

The Riyadh Writing Club

The Riyadh Writing Club, founded by Hala Abdullah in 2010 and brought to life by the help of Meshael Alblehed, brings together the talented female writers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Its intention is to activate imagination and enable receiving constructive criticism from like-minded, talented, and creative people.

NA3M works directly with this group of inspirational women writers, across genres, on our platform. The RWC is comitted to producing exclusive content for the NA3M social media sites as we celebrate and promote the voice of women in the region!

Farah Al-Zahrani: NA3M Sponsored Jiu Jitsu Competitor

Farah Al-Zharani is the first woman to represent Saudi Arabia as an international Jiu Jitsu practitioner! NA3M is thrilled to serve as her official sponsor, furthering our mission to support and empower compeitive athletics among females in the region.

In April 2015, Farah participated in Abu Dhabi’s World Professional Jiu Jitsu Champsionship, which was her first tournament. She qualified in the semi finals in her weight class; in addition she qualified in the open weight division!

Born and raised in Jeddah, Farah currently resides in Amman, Jordan, where she is in her senior year of studying Political Science and International Relations at the University of Jordan.

She aims to inspire young Saudi women to be able to express themselves through sport as there is currently no existing platform for women to practice sport in Saudi Arabia outside of private gyms. She believes we need professional women’s teams that allow them to participate in championships internationally. NA3M shares in her vision to inspire the young women of Saudi Arabia to actively strive for this!


The Youth Education and Empowerment Scholarship Fund by Ruwwad Al Tanmeya supports 450 Youth scholars every year in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine.

NA3M has teamed up with Ruwwad in Jordan to provide mentorship and training to their participants interested in the tech and creative industries.

Our team is committed to hosting workshops in our local office quarterly, teaching games development, graphic design and 3D modeling to support the youth.

Media & Press


Interview with Laila Ajjawi

 NA3M is proud to highlight the work and accomplishments of creative people, organizations and projects globally! Our collaborative platform aims to promote compelling and inspiring stories, which empower women, counter hatred and discrimination, and invoke... read more

Fahad Speaks at the Unicef Summit in Helsinki

My name is Fahad. And I’m here to say a few things about who I am, what I’ve experienced, and how that journey is translated into social innovation, creative solutions, and a realized dream for greater, collective development.

read more

Article on the Business Insider

Prince Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud could easily be living the high life at home in Saudi Arabia, but instead he’s made a name for himself as a tech entrepreneur and social media evangelist.

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Mhawish is the heart of NA3M’s edutainment voice. Through 4 core products, we experience Mhawish, a Jordanian Bedouin merchant and his family, entertaining and educating young audiences in various capacities. Produced by Sara Kilani, NA3M’s only female 2D graphic artist, we are proud to reintroduce this exciting brand, which aims to engage all ages on the gaming platform and children ages 5-10 for our upcoming comic series.

In Caravan Master, gamers play as Mhawish, traveling to various cities across the Middle East, capturing coins with his herd of camels, while teaching trade and commerce as he buys and sells merchandise along the way.

In Caravan Master Adventures, we experience Mhawish in a dream state, as a running hero who has entered a magic valley of his own imagination.

Mhawish and the Lost Camel is NA3M’s first childrens comic book, produced with beautiful visuals portraying Arab culture and family. This content is without text, and will be integrated into schools across the Middle East, giving youth an opportunity to engage in creative storytelling!

Lastly, experience and share Arab culture through our stickers series produced for Facebook consumption! With our colorful and animated emoticons, people globally can express themselves with an Arab twist!

Click to download a free digital copy of "Mhawish and the Lost Camel"

Mhawish Stickers & Emoticons

Click the image for access to our exclusive stickers bundle!


Click and download the "One Shot: An Introduction to the SGR Universe"

We are excited to announce our latest project, Saudi Girls Revolution (SGR). Here’s a little more about it.

Saudi Girls Revolution uses art to highlight social, not political, issues that match NA3M’s affirmation to develop content with compelling social impact. We believe that the creative industries can be a leading light for social change. Saudi Girls Revolution is NA3M’s soon to be launched mobile game and digital comic series.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the heroines of SGR are a badass group of Saudi women who come together in a government enforced camp. Rising out of this brutality the women build and race suped-up motorcycles. Their mission; to fight the evil tyrannical rulers of the corrupted Arabian Empire.

Each of the characters within the SGR world has their own reason for revolting against and ultimately liberating the provinces in which they reside. The girls struggle through harsh landscapes from frozen mountain ranges to scorching deserts and crystal cities. Along the way they encounter enemies and mythical creatures such as baboon kings, crystal giants, fire dancers, mutants and zombie cyber-soldiers.

With an epic series of comics and a regularly updated mobile game furthering the story of Saudi Girls Revolution, NA3M hopes to capture the imagination of female and male gamers. Challenging convention along the way, and maybe even starting a mind Revolution!


Nitro Punch The Ultimate Demolition Derby

Nitro Punch is a demolition derby car game that combines street racing and a demolition derby battle arena. The object of the game is to win the drag race, being the first car to reach the demolition derby arena and then destroy the rest of the cars to be the last car standing.

Nitro Punch has ranked in first position of the racing games category of the App Store in 4 different countries (including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Lebanon) and within the top 5 games in 9 countries.

In the Arcade Games category, Nitro punch has ranked among the top 10 games on the App Store in 10 different countries (including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar).

Nitro Punch was first released for IOS devices on the Appstore in April 2015 and launched on Android December 2015.

Run Camel Run

Run Camel Run (Harwil Ya Wa7sh) is an addictive retro inspired challenge that sees our hero, Faisal, run and jump across the dangerous rooftops of Riyadh, Paris and the Moon!

Run Camel Run ranked 1st most downloaded app in Saudi Arabia in two different categories of the App Store (Action & Arcade games). RCR has also achieved top 5 ranking in 10 different countries (including Lebanon, Bahraing, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Jordan and UAE).

Harwil has also achieved top 10 ranks in the category “arcade games” in 7 countries.